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Scot McKnight

Dr. Scot McKnight is a world-renowned speaker, writer, professor and equipper of the Church. He is a recognized authority on the historical Jesus, early Christianity, and the New Testament. His blog, Jesus Creed, is a leading Christian blog. A sought after speaker, he has been interviewed on several radio and television programs as well as spoken at numerous local churches, conferences, colleges, and seminaries in the United States and around the world. Scot McKnight is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and the Society for New Testament Studies.

Keisha Polonio

Keisha is a growth coach, speaker, and missionary. She passionately walks with leaders who have kingdom dreams as the Associate Director of the Tampa Underground and as a member of Ezer Collective leadership team. She also serves with Created Women, a ministry committed to serving vulnerable women caught in the sex industry in Tampa, Florida. Keisha leads a house church with her husband, mothers two boys, survived Kidney cancer, and loves cupcakes.

Carolyn Moore

Carolyn Moore is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church. She was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia and is a graduate of UGA (B.A. 1985) and Asbury Theological Seminary (M.Div. 1998; D.Min. 2018). After graduation from seminary, Carolyn served for five years as an associate pastor at Athens First United Methodist church (Athens, Georgia). In June of 2003, she was appointed home again to the Augusta area, where she and her family were given the joy of birthing Mosaic United Methodist Church. Carolyn and her family still serve Mosaic today. This community has her heart. As a preacher, Carolyn’s passion is helping people respond to the good news of Jesus. Seeing broken people healed and lost people saved is such a joy. As is her life as a mother, wife, writer, preacher and church planter.

Winfield Bevins

Winfield Bevins is an author, artist, and speaker whose passion is to help others connect to the roots of the Christian faith for discipleship and mission. He is the Director of Church Planting at Asbury Theological Seminary. He frequently speaks at conferences on a variety of topics and is a regular adjunct professor at several seminaries. Having grown up in a free-church background, Winfield eventually found his spiritual home in the Anglican tradition, but freely draws wisdom from all church traditions. Having authored several books, his writings explore the convergence of liturgy, prayer, and mission. His latest book, Ever Ancient, Ever New, with Zondervan examines young adults who have embraced Christian liturgy and how it has impacted their lives. He and his wife Kay have three beautiful girls Elizabeth, Anna Belle, and Caroline and live in the Bluegrass state of Kentucky.

Tuesday- thursday

Jan 14-16, 2020




Scot McKnight
Scot McKnight
Winfield Bevins
Scot McKnight
Carolyn Moore
Scot McKnight
Carolyn Moore
Keisha Polonio
Winfield Bevins
Carolyn Moore
Keisha Polonio
Winfield Bevins
Keisha Polonio

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Workshop descriptions

Workshop Session #1

  • Developing a Pastoral Theology (St. Paul’s ) – Scott McKnight

Pastors today can easily get lost in fresh, new and innovative models of pastoring and leading a church. In the process they can too easily lose the main task of what a pastor does. In this workshop we will discus the main task in pastoring and pastoral theology, without which a church ceases being a church.

  • Good Rhythms for Healthy Staffs (St. Albans) – Norton Herbst

How busy in your church staff? How often do you meet? Are you cultivating relationships of trust with one another? How are you evaluating performance? Do you set goals? Do you make space to learn together? Is your church staff a place where risk and failure are welcome and accepted, or are weaknesses hidden and tough conversations avoided? In this breakout, we’ll discuss some important values every church staff should have and how intentional practices and rhythms can support those values. Whatever your role is and however many hours you work each week, every staff person plays a big part in creating a healthy staff culture.

  • From the Wilderness to Called Leader: Cultivating Calling in Emerging Leaders (Winchester) – Keisha Polonio

Asking questions about our calling aren’t outside God’s plan. In fact, wondering and longing are a vestige of God’s original intention for humanity. But how do we cultivate these questions into calling in the leaders around us? In this workshop, we will explore how to create a culture of calling in our communities and discuss what tools will help our leaders better understand God’s specific purposes for their lives.

  • Life of Liturgy in Life of Church (St. Augustine) – Winfield Bevins

Some people see liturgy as something that just happens on Sunday morning. What if liturgy could serve as a launching pad rather than a detriment to our mission? Based on his new book Ever Ancient Ever New, Winfield Bevins introduces you to the power of liturgy and how it can form us for God’s mission in the world by offering a holistic framework for everyday Christian living, discipleship, and mission in the twenty-first century.


Workshop Session #2

  • God With Us: Proclaiming the Gospel with God’s Presence at the Center (Winchester) – Geoff & Cyd Holsclaw

We often approach sharing the gospel as a “solution” to the sin problem. God is holy, humanity is not. Jesus takes our sin so that God doesn’t have to punish us. In order to convince people of their need for the gospel, they have to see themselves as sinners. What if, instead, we can share the gospel as the truth that God wants to be with us – no matter who we are or what we’ve done? What if the gospel is not about a sin problem, but a broken relationship problem? In this session, Geoff & Cyd will walk through the outline of the book they wrote about discovering God’s presence and purpose in our lives and how this can change the way we communicate good news.

  • Cultivating Creativity in Worship & Preaching (St. Augustine’s) – Norton Herbst

We all want to be more creative on Sundays. In our songs, prayers, liturgy, and preaching. But embracing creativity is hard because we don’t have the time, we don’t know how, or we’re just too comfortable with our standard way of doing things. This workshop will explore how you can take more risks and cultivate creativity in your worship service planning. Whether you’re a pastor at a liturgical church, a worship leader at a charismatic church, or anything in between, you’ll learn some practical ways to breathe new life into your worship service and preaching.

    • Creating a Culture and Strategy for Multiplication (St. Alban’s) – Stephen Redden

We all know that multiplication is at the heart of the life of the church. The mission of all churches is to multiply disciples, multiply leaders and in the process hopefully multiply new churches as well. Yet too often multiplication can become an “aspirational value” – something we really believe in but never quite get around to living out. In this session, Stephen Redden from New Denver Church in Denver, CO will share what they’ve learned in pursuit of creating a culture of multiplication, as well as some strategies they’ve used along the way.

  • Creating a Disciple-Making Culture (St. Paul’s) – J.R. Briggs

All of us know that making disciples is what we are called to do in our churches. But how do we create a culture where disciple-making is the natural overflow of who we are as a local church? Together we will look at this topic from two angles: top-down (how do we create culture in our local church?) and bottom-up (what are some small, specific, practical steps we can take next week when we get home?). This session is about helping leaders move their churches from discipleship by addition to discipleship by multiplication.


Workshop Session #3

  • Developing an Outreach Strategy for Your Congregation (St. Alban’s) – Mia Chang

Each faith community is invited to recognize and reach people beyond their church walls. This mission requires churches to develop and implement action plans that reflect their identity and call. Moving away from tactics to draw people into church buildings, how can local congregations step out to engage in loving and serving their communities for the sake of the Kingdom of God? In this workshop, we will consider outreach strategies that are feasible, sustainable, and life-giving to the congregation.

  • Team Alignment & Cohesion (Winchester) – Bob Hyatt

Nothing has more potential to make or break your community than the team and interpersonal dynamics between the staff and other leaders. 
Great teams are built on a foundation of trust: and that trust depends on everyone feeling heard and valued, and as though they are able to contribute their best. 
We’ll talk through some of what healthy team dynamics look like, some different models of team leadership, and give you tools not only to assess but to improve the dynamics of your team!

  • The Art of Pastoring People (St. Augustine) – Paul Hill

Finding ourselves in an increasingly secular age, those of us called pastor often feel irrelevant. Confronted with a loss of identity we rely more and more on fads instead of the ancient practices that form the heart of Christian ministry. In this workshop, we will re-engage the practices of prayer, theology, and presence. These three form the core of pastoral identity and enable us to view our work as art rather than mere talent or technique.

  • Supernatural: A Spirit-Centered Theology of “Sentness” (St. Paul’s) – Carolyn Moore

Jesus told the first disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they were endowed with power. His statement reminds us that such power from the Holy Spirit was a prerequisite for being sent out on the mission. Today’s church in the West seems largely lacking this kind of power for mission. In this session, Carolyn will help us consider how we make disciples that live and work in the power of the Spirit.


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