Workshop Session One

  • Developing a Pastoral Theology (St. Paul’s ) – Scott McKnight

Pastors today can easily get lost in fresh, new and innovative models of pastoring and leading a church. In the process they can too easily lose the main task of what a pastor does. In this workshop we will discus the main task in pastoring and pastoral theology, without which a church ceases being a church.

  • God With Us: Proclaiming the Gospel with God’s Presence at the Center (Winchester) – Geoff & Cyd Holsclaw

Xaçmaz We often approach sharing the gospel as a “solution” to the sin problem. God is holy, humanity is not. Jesus takes our sin so that God doesn’t have to punish us. In order to convince people of their need for the gospel, they have to see themselves as sinners. What if, instead, we can share the gospel as the truth that God wants to be with us – no matter who we are or what we’ve done? What if the gospel is not about a sin problem, but a broken relationship problem? In this session, Geoff & Cyd will walk through the outline of the book they wrote about discovering God’s presence and purpose in our lives and how this can change the way we communicate good news.

3 thoughts on “Workshop Session One

  • Awesome idea! I am going to try this out. I have been doing a weekly Event-seminar but this sounds more fun to me.
    Thanks for the cool Speech!

    • You are quite welcome. I think moving from a seminar to this will completely distinguish you from your competition and produce

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