February 24, 2014

Focused Session #2

Reading the Women Texts – Redemptively

http://bookbert.com/index.php?rest_route=/oembed/1.0/embed Speaker: Bill Webb
Room: Minnesota

Port Harcourt The journey of Scripture is one of movement towards egalitarianism — equality of male and female—but within an ancient context where patriarchy ruled. This workshop will explore both the problematic treatment of women within the biblical text (far from an ultimate ethic) as well as the more redemptive side of the equality story. We will also discuss the practical question of what it means to engage our multicultural society and our divergent church context today. Do we whisper, scream or do a little of both?

The Word on the Street: Preaching Justice & Reconciliation

Agryz Speaker: Al Tizon
Room: America A

One of the goals of missional preaching is to guide God’s people to an understanding and practice of biblical justice and reconciliation. But what is justice? What is reconciliation? And what does it mean for a church to be committed to these things? This workshop will address these questions and offer principles that will help leaders to preach and teach in a way that moves the church toward becoming a just and reconciling people.

His and Her.Maneutics

Speakers: Frank and Carolyn Custis James
Room: Missouri

It is a sad reality that for millennia professing Christians have been killing other professing Christians over their respective interpretations of the Bible. Things have greatly improved in our modern world but the Bible still can become a dangerous weapon of abuse, coercion and marginalization. Nowhere has our interpretation of the Bible created more conflict than the subject of gender. Part of the reason has been the dominance of his-meneutic and the absence of her-meneutic. This seminar will explore the good, bad and ugly hermeneutics among Evangelicals. The goal will be to gain a missional perspective on how we approach the Bible.

The (other) Kingom of Jesus: How Jesus Redefines Kingdom in Scripture

Speaker: Scot McKnight
Room: Ohio

The character of a king determines the character of the kingdom. The “character” of Jesus can be seen in the titles used for him – Son of Man, Son of God, and Messiah – titles that evoke the story of one exalted to be King following suffering and death. Thus, the kingdom becomes cruciform by virtue of the character of King Jesus. Kingdom citizens then are Jesus-redeemed humans, people who have been saved from sin, liberated from cosmic powers, and who are conquering systemic evil through the power of the Spirit. This workshop will explore the nature the kingdom in Scripture, specifically the kingdom rooted in the person of Jesus himself and in those who claim to follow him.

Beyond Egalitarianism & Complementarianism: The Kingdom Call for Women in Ministry

Speaker: David Fitch
Room: America B

This session explores the New Testament view of women in light of the Kingdom, the gifts of the Holy Spirt in the Church, and the already/but not yet eschatology of Scripture. Once we see church leadership and gender dynamics in these terms, we discover that the unresolved conflicts in Scripture over women in ministry are resolved and a wonderful Kingdom dynamic is unleashed in regard for men and women leading out of their giftedness in mutual submission to one another.

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