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inchoately The Gospel & The Church’s Mission Today — Don Coleman, Scot McKnight

Many believe that the gospel has mainly to do with our personal salvation; others suggest that it can simply be equated with “justification.” Additionally, our understanding of the gospel seems to have lost its basic and necessary relationship to the life and mission of the Church. We stand in need of a renewed imagination of the gospel!


Seeing the Bible as God’s Drama & Why the Future of Mission Depends On It — David Fitch, Howard-John Wesley

The Bible is not a document. It is the unfolding Drama of God. As Christians, it is our one and true Story of God for the whole world. Its authority in Christ is extended into our very lives by the invitation of the Spirit as we participate in the Triune Mission. We therefore cannot know its authority apart from mission.


The Ways We Talk About Kingdom/Gospel/Salvation that Change the Dynamic of the Church — David Fitch, Scot McKnight

This seminar explores how placing salvation within the total gospel, the inbreaking Kingdom, changes church dynamics in mission. We will discuss what salvation means when driven by the Gospel of the Kingdom. Then we will describe how this changes the nature of the gathering for worship, evangelism, and the Christian life.


The Good News of God’s People in the World: Toward a Kingdom Ecclesiology — Bruxy Cavey, Scot McKnight

The Kingdom of God is often equated with “good things done in the public sector by active Christians.” The teachings of Jesus challenge this understanding of kingdom, connecting it more to the followers of Jesus and the “society” (or Church) that he is creating among his followers. If our imagination for mission is to be renewed, Kingdom and Church need to be brought into a healthy connection again. A kingdom “mission” needs to be intrinsically connected to the local church’s mission. This workshop will explore these issues from theological and pastoral perspectives.


Preaching the Missional Scriptures — Al Tizon, Howard-John Wesley

The Bible does not just contain missional texts; it IS a missional text. Authentic biblical preaching, therefore, is missional preaching. In what way is the whole narrative of the Bible missional? How can preachers draw out the missional dimension, not just from Genesis 12, Jonah, Matthew 28 or Acts 1, but from any text? What role does preaching play in cultivating a mission-shaped church? This workshop will explore these types of questions to aid pastors in inspiring and equipping their congregations for mission.


On Being Present & Faithful: With the LGBTQ People Among Us — David Fitch, Deb Hirsch

Gospel witness in North American culture has been hindered (even foreclosed) by much of what the Church has done and said in relation to alternative sexualities. This seminar will discuss the things we should not do, the posture we must inhabit, and the necessary pathways we can “be open to” so that God’s Kingdom can break in among “us” in this space of presence with LGBTQ friends. We will discuss the theological and practical issues of being among and with LGBTQ peoples.

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